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          After awhile, i opened up back my blog just to see if i got any money earned by my previous blog. But it seemed frustrated as i only got bout $4.99 after couples of month focusing on dat blog. hahaha~ Back to the topic, this is my NEW BLOG. And i guess this is my LAST BLOG i ever made. Blog dat describes bout myself. Entitled The Unchosen Path, yes, i really mean dat.. Everything dat happened to me is not chosen by me. Everything just came acrossed without my conciousness and i need to accept it whether i like it or not. This is my life, not others life. This is my path, this is my journey n this is my fate. And one more thing, i love diz word ' Everything happens for a reason' because dat word keep encouraging me to go through my life without feeling down too much when facing trouble. Fyi, my previous blog just full of gadget things and i made it just for money. But then i turned up to diary-like blog.. just dont think im juz like a girl who writing a diary telling everything dat happen within her life, gossiping around n blablabla....... But having blog actually good for urself. if u dun believe me, try ask other blogger who tells bout their life on their blog. For this time, i may not open to public. maybe after a few weeks then i'll invite some people to follow my blog.. it just kinda shame letting someone to read ur personal life but then i still want people to noe bout myself. so when they read my blog, they manage to noe me well. People love to judge other by 1st impression. n same goes to me eventhough i noe i was wrong. 1st impression just a bullshit. hahaha! dun get me wrong. i mean to get noe someone well, u have to noe he or she first. sometimes it just take about a day to noe someone and sometimes a years.. ouh man, now im blablablaing around already. ok,fullstop here.
Wait for the next post~

*sorry for my bad english. but this is a process of improving my english.

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