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How i wish im no longer called 'student'.. I've been stucking in this word for 14 years and it'll be around 3 or 4 years to finish up my learning process as a student. And then the learning process still go on but lefting 'student' word behind would give me much pleasure because what im thinking rite now is just to earn some money and having my own family.

Leaving kindergarten actually is enuf to feel the lost memories dat never come back. Diz process continues as well as primary school, secondary school and then my matriculation. I noe dat i'll miss so much this moment being in this university rite now. and i noe dat someday when im no longer called a 'student', dat time i'll feel to be called 'student' again. See, this things goes to everyone.. 

The past is past yet the future is coming around and what to do is just get ready for whatever will come. I dun remember much about my kindergarten and my primary school as dat time i was only so-so boy in school. i was only a boy who just doing what everyone else doing. But then, out of school, i was the another person with different personality rather than being in school.

I'm not gonna story it here as this titled with "Student life".. ngee~ ok, 2nd part i guess.. Reaching form 2 at SMKM, i get to noe world better. That time was a starting point where the strong memories started flooding inside my head until now. And i can feel dat if im writing a novel bout myself, im pretty sure this novel can wins everyone's heart. Mybe what im wrote here not gonna interest u as my english not so good at all. its enuf for me if u can understand what im talking about. ;)

   ok ok, im tired already. i'll just continue to update about this post again sometime. 
Enjoy those pictures~

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