I wish it grew on trees or fell like rain.

Posted by Ched

know what im talking about? its something dat everyone need n hunger for. For dat thing,
people could do everything.yup, im talking about money. and yes i do hunger for money.
Sometimes i spent my whole day just thinking about how to fill my empty pocket.

My first earned came from being a waiter at Pesta Pulau Pinang when i was 11 yrs old. yeah,
too small i guess but the smell of money just couldn't evade from my life.

Then when i was in form 2, i started making money using my computer. I burned song
into a cd n sold it, i repaired some software problem or installed some applications in handphone
and i oso sold pirate movie.. haha.. see, i did all those things just to get some money. 

And then when i reached form 4, i started selling top up. But then the profit juz kinda too small..
it was not enuf to cover my daily spend.. so i stop doing dat, n then the beginning of making
bigger profit started. After spm, i took some risk buying bundles of butterfly massager..*wink²! haha..
mybe only some of my close fren will noe bout this product. I been sold about 2000 units
approximately.. :)

Meanwhile, for 6 month after spm im doing some part time. i used to help my uncle selling
dorayaki at pasar malam. Helping my other uncle duin some repairing service at household.
Being a 'executive sales marketing' at booth under TM n Celcom with $230 sallary for a
      Then, i turned myself to find money using internet. Naim is the one who introduce me to
blogging. but unfortunately, i really dun hve talent.. sorry naim~ huhu..

           In a nutshell(muahaha,karangan bi la plak~), being involving in Mudah.my is just the
best part of getting some money. What im duin just bought some phone in mudah.my, then
sold it back oso using Mudah.my.. As simple as abc~ i dun hve to worry losing money
because risk of buying phone just too small. When meet the people who want to sell
his phone, then just test kaw kaw until satisfied n then dealed!. And now im quite proud of
myself bcoz few of my frens already doing what im doing and they managed to get money
by their ownself..

alrite.. dats all..

*exceli got so many stories about getting money. but i'll skip for next post.
**Thank God for giving me a courage.. at least i dun hve to bother my Dad too much..

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lol.. u still keep the photo.. haha

February 8, 2011 at 1:53 AM

ofkoz.. haha..

February 8, 2011 at 12:11 PM

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