Hello March. Uhukk..uhuk.. :(

Posted by Ched

February leaving us just now without im realizing there is only 28 days in that month..
Sadly, i'm not feeling well lately. Not sure what is up but for the past week I have been so
tired. It’s hell dragging myself out of bed every morning and I could sleep 24/7 if i was allowed
to. Yestarday i slept from 10 to 7am  and i was very tired. On top of it i have a major headache
that really hurts. I have taken panadol that epie bought for me and it has done nothing. So this
is my post to say i feel like ass. I have felt this way for a week yet still doing so much activity..
i guess.. I would love to feel better wake up for tomorrow.

again, uhukk..uhuk.. :(

*must prepare for midterm somehow.so study hard ok!

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